Who Needs to Advertise in the 2nd Quarter?

Who Needs to Advertise in the 2nd Quarter?

The second quarter is generally a time that advertising picks up across the board. There a number of contributing factors including holidays, tax refunds, weather, and sports that drive a surge in spending. Plan ahead while things are still a bit slow so that you can focus in on sales during the roll into spring. If you’re in one of the following 4 categories, you should be putting your game plan together now to avoid missing opportunities.


Tax Refunds are a prime time for families to upgrade their home, purchase new vehicles, plan vacations, and buy the latest gadgets. The average refund in 2016 was $3,053, experts predict in 2017 return rates will stay near that average. Retail categories including furniture, cars, travel and home should expect an increase in cash flow. Capitalize on the natural increase by generating more brand recognition and offering deals that align with natural purchases through a paid search campaign.

Hobbies pick up as most families have bounced back from the budget-busting holiday season and the winter blues melt away. Retailers and servicers of bikes, recreational vehicles, toys, construction materials, etc. should work on creating buzz. Go digital and create inspiring videos that will generate engagement as well a reason to purchase new products.

Holidays including Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day will increase spend on across retail but especially at specialty stores where gifts can be specialized and religious in nature. Create a digital presence that reminds and offers a wide variety to your customer. Create DIY gift videos or online codes off the extras such as personalization. Use emails to promote these special holidays to yield rates of ROI.

Wedding Vendors

All those Christmas and Valentine’s Day engaged couples will start to heavily plan their weddings. September, October, and November are skyrocketing in the number of weddings being held annually. Step up your social media presence, as Wedding Wire reported that 61% of couples ‘follow’ or ‘like’ a vendor’s page so that they can see the quality of their work.


Restaurants see a boost in sales during May especially. Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, the Kentucky Derby, Prom and Summer blockbusters are cause for eating out. Patio spaces will be opening up and many fresh fruits and vegetables will be in season again. Jump on Instagram and be a part of the foodie conversation with hashtags like #foodporn it’s the best platform to show off your top-notch cuisine.

Outdoor Companies

Whether you’re selling products for DIY or services to care for outdoor spaces sales will be up. Pair your sales and conversation with the weather in your local area. Offer tips and tricks through website content drawing customers to your expertise. Use traditional advertising to make a big splash through brand recognition.

If your part of a niche market in terms of your product or services focus on digital marketing. If your part of a more competitive industry during this time of year, kick all your marketing in gear with a traditional campaign to keep your brand top of mind and a digital presence to be right where your customers are searching. If you’re ready to start planning, call Media Venue today and our team will create your custom marketing campaign right for your business and your budget.