5 Ways to Reach Locals

5 Ways to Reach Locals

No matter the size of your business, it’s important to build a large base of local customers. Studies have shown that the majority of customers to a brick and mortar store are those within a 5-mile radius. We often tell clients to first target the local geographical area. For this reason, we’ve gathered our top 5 recommendations for connecting with locals.

#1 Local Website Advertising

Several local focused websites and organizations are popping up across the nation. Take advantage and use such sites as a directory to inform locals of your business. Be sure to verify the information and ensure accuracy of links.

#2 Event Participation

Take advantage of local events and become a part of the community. Consider investing in branding elements sized for events that are high quality. Be sure to use the company website, social media and other announcement areas to inform customers of your presence. This could be a 5K, a chamber meeting or any other event that is local focused.

#3 Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is reasonably priced and buyers can often negotiate a package including extras. Extras may include DJ’s discussing your product or service, broadcasting from your location, or giving away a promotion. Do your research and choose the right station for your target audience.

#4 Charitable Involvement

Model your organization’s values by donating or participating with a charitable organization in the local community. Often a company’s name and logo can be placed on several items tied to their giving. Interact online and spread the word of the organization as well, that will benefit you both.

#5 Direct Mail

A 5-mile radius around a business can make up a large percentage of the customer base. Don’t be afraid to send out a mail piece to top customers or close customers promoting a sale or new service/product. This is not a medium for branding though.  This piece needs to motivate users to take an action and quickly since mail is often only saved for a short period of time.

Each of these tactics have various pros and cons. Based on your business type and desired goals, choose the ones that align with your marketing strategy. Let us know your successes or tips for carrying out these campaign styles below.