A New Era of Advertising

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A New Era of Advertising

They’re back!!!! I noticed when I came to work this week that another phone book directory company had delivered several directories to our office building. They left them sitting outside in the rain. The directories will find their way to either the garbage or a recycling bin, because this isn’t the accepted means to find information anymore. Paper phone directories will never regain their prominence as our source of information.

The Beauty of the Internet

For that, we have the Internet. A quick visit to our nearest search engine, like Google, Bing, Yahoo or a local media publisher, is all we need for information. It’s quick, takes minimum effort and opens up a world of related articles. Convenience and speed have taken control of how information is processed.

This shouldn’t be an age of misinformation. Don’t fall into the trap of advertising in places, like phone directories, that are no longer relevant. Stay up-to-date on industry trends and recognize where people are spending their time.

Paid Search

Advertising on the Internet, or using a “Paid Search” ad campaign to seek new customers, is the newest and most efficient way to reach new prospects and obtain new customers. It’s targeted, trackable, easier and more affordable than ever.

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