How to Create a Good Landing Page

How to Create a Good Landing Page

Landing pages are sometimes the only page of your website a user will see after clicking on a digital ad. These pages should be clear and concise, creating a natural progression from the ad. The goal of the landing page is to direct users to take a specific action, commonly referred to as a CTA (Call-to-Action). Common actions include email sign-up, site registration, completing a purchase or downloading an article.

One way to recognize if your landing page(s) need improvement is your bounce rate. Your bounce rate indicates the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. Reviewing your Google analytics will allow you to see how individual pages fair in terms of bounce rate, as well as click thru rate. High bounce rates indicate that users leave quickly without viewing the full page in detail, indicating a makeover is in order.

Customer Data

Ready to redo those landing pages? Start with the data. Create an image of your potential customer to better understand their needs and their relationship with your product. A few of the demographics to review include:

  • Age, Gender, Location
  • Device use (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Job(s)/ Industries
  • Why do they need your product?
  • How do they use your product?

These basic questions can reveal a lot of information which can help foster engagement and conversions from users. The landing page should strengthen the customers’ relationship with the product by answering their primary questions regarding it. You never want users confused on what your ad and the landing page have to do with one another.

Clear Goal

The next factor to consider is the goal of the landing page. Each landing page should be designed to meet one primary goal. The goal will coincide with the CTA such as signing up for the newsletter.  Then the focus will be what do you want customers to do after completing the goal.

Designing a page that is about function, not creativity is key here. Once users have signed up for your newsletter, you want to encourage them to look around your site. Create a page that lends itself to allowing further exploration rather than expecting users to simply leave your site. Often, this is where creativity can shine enticing users with humor, interesting design or other fun elements to keep them engaging with your site, but always about your product or services.

Cohesive Design

Now that you know who and how users will get to your landing page with one simple goal; now for the fun part- creating your landing page(s). While each landing page should have its own goal and message, it should easily be identifiable as a part of your overall website.

The landing page should include a cohesive design layout, motivational copy, and a clear call to action.  The most important part of the CTA is accessibility. Be sure to require the least amount of effort for a task to be completed and place it visibly on the page.

At Media Venue, we often run across campaigns that perform well in terms of clicks but not conversions. Before spending big bucks to get users to your site, be sure they will know what to do once they arrive. If you have more questions or need more landing page optimization tips, feel free to contact our experts here at Media Venue 502-855-4783.