Hello to Great Search Results

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Hello to Great Search Results

No doubt you’ve searched for your company on Google, Bing, Yahoo – any of the website search engines. And the reason you’re probably here, right now, is that your business isn’t where you think it should be when it comes to those results.

Search Engine Optimization isn’t as easy as it used to be. And it gets more complicated every day. The big search sites can change what dictates results at the drop of a hat. At one time it was “content,” then another time it was the number of sites linking in to yours. And they can do whatever they want and whenever they want. They do own the right to do that.

Whether it’s here Louisville or out in Los Angeles, there are hundreds of self-anointed experts, code geeks, search engine analysts, and people who throw crap at the wall hoping for the best who’ll give you what they think is working at the present moment. However, the fact is that you could spend weeks and thousands of dollars of your own time hunting down ways to trick-out your search results for the short haul, but there’s no no cure-all that is guaranteed to work a year from now.

And that’s it in a nutshell: the how-to of search engine optimization is complex and changes quickly.

MediaVenue learned that a long time ago and decided that if we wanted to be at the top of our game, we needed to get the smartest SEO people available working for us.

We did.

We spent more than $300,000 last year to make sure our SEO talent pool was loaded with SEO virtuosos from top to bottom. Results-driven experts who can not only improve every client’s search results, but put your competitors in a position where they have to play catch-up. Or, as Muhammad Ali, the “Greatest of All-Time” would say, we “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!”

What exactly do we do?

1. We start by listening to you. What’s your product, how do you want to engage with your customers, what do your customers ask for when they’re looking for someone like you, what keywords/key phrases are core to your business, who are your competitors, etc.

2. Then, we determine where you rank in search results, where you want to be for what keywords, and how much you want to spend to get there.

3. The next stage is where we pinpoint precisely what our smartest course of action is. No tricks, no Band-Aids, just a roll-our-sleeves-up pursuit of getting you the best results any digital marketing agency can.

There you have it. Spend your own time and money chasing down what might work temporarily, join the algorithm-of-the-month club, or hire MediaVenue to use its considerable horsepower, agility, and skills to get your search engine results where you want them to be and make those pains go away.

Call Weaks McKinney-Smith at 502-855-4783, email weaks@mediavenue or fill out form below and he can set up a meeting to get you on the path to healthier search results.

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