Interactive Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategies designed to inspire target users to act

Whether your goal is to sell more widgets, generate buzz about a new product or service, refresh your brand online, or boost your digital marketing presence

Display Advertising

Get your message in front of customers, long before they decide to buy and keep it on their mind until they are ready to engage.

Let us help you grow your online audience.

We work with our clients to develop custom digital marketing plans designed to reach your ideal consumers through a variety of targeting methods such as behavioral, contextual, geographic and demographic. We work with a network of over 13,000 websites (channels), reaching millions of users annually, which make up more than 90% of the online adult population. Due to the precise methodology we use to pinpoint consumers, we can target the sites most likely to reach your desired audience from a national level down to a zip code level. All digital ads are considered premium placement (above the fold) and creative units are standard sizes.

Like traditional advertising, a mix of digital components will likely produce optimum results. The exact digital mix, however, is dependent on your campaign objectives and target audience.

Behavioral Targeting offers the ability to target thousands of behavioral categories, ranging from broad to highly specific. Based on those specific behaviors, a consumer profile will be created and customized to fit a client’s specific needs. Utilizing a predictive index, which is based on cookies, Behavioral Targeting can forecast the likelihood of conversion.

Local Channel Targeting utilizes local media web sites, including broadcast television and newspapers, to promote your products and/or services.

Custom Channel Targeting exploits a group of sites built around the composition of the site’s audience in relation to the target. The sites are also targeted at a zip code level in order to create efficiencies. The mix of web sites is optimized daily based on traffic and ultimately click-thru’s.

Re-targeting is performed by monitoring traffic to the client’s website and serving ads to those consumers within the targeted zip codes to remind the consumer of brand positioning or offer. This is done by placing pixels on the client’s web site two to three weeks prior to the campaign launch to monitor visits and to begin building a database.

Content Development

Most savvy shoppers will visit a company website before buying its products. We'll make sure your virtual showroom is ready.

We can help you look your best…on the web.

Content is still king and despite the fact that competition on the web is huge, it is still the best place to showcase your brand. But in order to stand apart from the others you need a solid content strategy that you follow with great discipline.

But content strategy is not simply having a compelling message, although that is a very important ingredient in the recipe for success. You also need effective SEO and a multitude of outbound and inbound content strategies such as a blog, social media, email marketing, contests and promotions. And you need comprehensive analytics so you are able to continuously monitor the effectiveness of your efforts.

Our first step when developing a strategy for a client is to audit their existing content. We then work with our clients to develop clear objectives that are measureable. While we prefer to work with our clients from the ground up, we can work with you at any stage of the process. Whether it’s helping to set objectives, develop strategy, interpret analytics, or simply performing monthly maintenance of your web site’s seo, our team of experienced professionals can help.

Email Campaigns

So you have a great product. Your website is pretty awesome too. But now it's time to tell the world. How about sending a killer email!

Getting you in virtual mailboxes around the world.

As a high impact and low cost solution, email marketing can deliver a phenomenal return on investment (ROI). Our approach is strategic. We work with our clients to develop a campaign strategy that meets your specific objectives, whether that is increased site traffic, more leads, or simply branding. We strike a balance between powerful design and good communication; we work with your existing creative or we can develop original copy and design. We can work with your email service provider, or come up with a custom solution that fits your particular needs and budget.

Each email campaign comes with an analytics package so you can see exactly how each mailing has performed. We can track clicks all the way through to sales and conversions, and we deliver it in a way that’s easy to understand.

Have a marketing question? Let Media Venue answer it.

Paid Search

Put your web site in front of a highly targeted audience. Let our team help lower your paid search costs while increasing your ROI.

Let us do your bidding.

Our team is highly skilled at managing all facets of your paid search campaigns and we have the experience to make the most of your PPC budget.

Our strength is helping our clients take charge of their online marketing and helping them get fast, and targeted results for a great value.

Our services include

Media Channel Selection

Keyword Research



Bid Management

Landing Page Selection

Ad Testing

Campaign Tracking

Campaign Analytics

Search Engine Optimization

How easy is your website to find? Being properly viewed in the major search engines is a big deal for promoting your company online.

Let us show you to the world through search engines.

Whether you are looking to make a leap in organic search rankings, or need some help with your ppc campaign, Media Venue has the experience to help you achieve your goals. When it comes to organic search marketing, we utilize a sophisticated set of tools to measure the effectiveness of a client’s current search marketing program including gauging the following: keyword density, link efficiency, design and site architecture, social profile, and a similar analysis of industry competitors.

This initial audit guides our recommendations for your organic search marketing program.

Additionally, Media Venue is well-versed in a variety of paid search techniques, including ppc and banner ad placements, both of which can be geographically and psycho-graphically targeted.

Social Media Planning

Social Media is BIG. We're talking 500 million people BIG. With those kind of numbers it only makes sense to join the chit-chat party.

We promise you will be liked.

Our experienced team of social butterflies can help you develop strategic social media campaigns that meet your objectives. Whether you are trying to create more awareness for your brand, drive traffic to your website, develop relationships with customers, or generate sales leads, our team can provide the leadership and expertise to make your campaigns soar. We help our clients develop and manage their accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and much more.

We approach social media like everything else we do, which is to start with developing a strategy. We invest a lot of time in understanding your business and evaluating your objectives. We research your markets, and your competitors and your previous success and failures. All of this generates invaluable insight toward developing the strategies that will work best for you.

Once we have a strategy in place we can begin to execute your campaign.

Our services include

Design of custom profile images, backgrounds & tabs

Development of a posting calendar

Creation of promotions, polls, contests, etc.

Uploading images & videos

Engaging in conversations through comments, discussion boards, & forums

Media buys: Facebook Advertising, Twitter Promotions, etc.

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