Making the Most of :06 Video Ads

Making the Most of :06 Video Ads

Facebook’s announcement of introducing the:06 video ad is no surprise; however, it is offering a new challenge to many creative ad makers. Our Digital Media Director for some time now has been striving to get the best impression out of the first 5 to 15 seconds commonly associated with Targeted Video Advertising. We’ve learned a lot and now we want to share 2 keys to increased success.

#1 Don’t try cutting down a:30 or:60 spot.

Many of our clients have commercials produced already and simply want to squeeze a mini-version of the same commercial into a few seconds. This has proven to be both frustrating and ineffective. These spots often don’t even reference their online presence and contain multiple messages.

Instead feel free to reuse footage but pair it with a message that is fast and offers a clear invitation to learn more whether it is in-store or online. Our most successful campaigns utilize a video containing one message including one clear call to action. For example, if you sell home, office and outdoor furniture each piece will be created its own video. When the user has been persuaded to come to your website, they will quickly discern you sell other furniture types.

Once they’ve clicked, that ad has done its job; but if users are falling off the page when they arrive, that’s another problem. Check out our article on landing pages and grab a few tips for effective design and content.

#2 Pairing message with the right keywords

These specific videos work especially well when paired with their own keywords. For example, if I search “patio couch” and were served an ad featuring outdoor furniture. In our experience, the click through rates on the specific matching messages is always higher than a general message. Industry research confirms the more relevant the ad is to the consumers’ needs the higher the click through and conversion rates. Save the general messages for traditional mediums such as TV, Radio and Outdoor. Digital ads have advanced capabilities to target and deliver multiple messages during a campaign. General messages on digital media simply miss the mark and don’t maximize ad dollars.


Using these short videos effectively will likely take time for individuals to create the most relevant and effective experience for consumers. Video is a great medium to take chances and try out a variety of messages. Not sure if something will work? Consider testing it using social media, let fans critique an ad before you put ad dollars behind it.  At Media Venue, we are always happy to provide feedback to clients as well, even when we don’t make the creative.