Online Reputation Management Invaluable in 2017

Online Reputation Management Invaluable in 2017

We are living in a search-happy world, which makes your online reputation more valuable than ever. Experts predict that Online Reputation Management (ORM) will become indispensable in 2017 and beyond. There are a growing number of directory sites, social platforms, and search tools that offer customers information regarding your company right at their fingertips. The growth of these sites has created a greater need for ORM.

This need is being met by agencies such as Media Venue. We utilize proprietary software and experienced staff to manage the online discussion surrounding your company. There are still uncontrollable elements as users can say anything they want negative or positive regarding a company online. However, our experts have learned that like anything in life, it is often more about how companies react to the online feedback rather than users expecting perfection.

Recent studies have identified that 45% of people have found something in an online search that made them decide NOT to do business with someone. It is for this reason, that as a business there must be a voice that responds. Addressing customers’ feedback shows that as a company you are listening and value your customers. However, with the vastness that is the internet, it can often be an overwhelming task especially for small businesses which is where Media Venue comes in.

In today’s digital age, every mention of your company’s name influences the way potential customers and investors perceive your business online, impacting their decisions and your bottom line. To maintain a constant finger on the pulse of the conversation, Media Venue offers Online Reputation Management services. With ORM our goals are to improve overall customer ratings, improve the customer experience, and drive increases in revenue. By instituting this service, your company will be taking the proactive approach and quickly address any negative concerns arising from a users’ experience, as well foster and encourage positive feedback.

At Media Venue, we understand the value of a reputation and always research a company’s reputation when making our marketing recommendations. We understand that no matter how good the sales message may be, people don’t want to buy from companies they cannot trust. This is the true value of reputation management, it is the best way to foster a trusting relationship between consumers and your business. Call Media Venue today, our staff will be glad to address your concerns or offer details on beginning your proactive approach to ORM.