Targeted Video Advertising Campaign Success

Targeted Video Advertising Campaign Success

Targeted Video Advertising (TVA) is driving high rates of success in 2017. These video-based campaigns are centered around user engagement. The platforms pride themselves on the method of only paying for interested viewers. Advertisers are only charged when users click on the ad itself or choose to watch the first 30 seconds or full video, whichever comes first.

This style of marketing is extremely cost effective. For smaller budgets, we are now turning to this vehicle often. The inventory is vast and the cost per click averages low, even compared to other digital formats. Below you’ll see three examples of month-long campaigns that illustrate the success clients have had with video advertising.

Industry: Outdoor Equipment Retailer

Description: Media Venue used a targeted video message delivered to an audience mirroring their most prevalent customers’ demographics in their distinct service area. Client’s goal was to increase foot traffic at a brick and mortar location.

Campaign Length: 30 Days

Video Length: 36 seconds

Average Cost Per Acquisition: $0.06

View Rate 27.54

Impressions: 28,160

Site Acquisitions: 7,754

Client Report: This client reported that overall foot traffic was up compared to previous year, but that customers were specifically asking for the advertised product.

Industry: Healthcare

Description: Media Venue utilized a product specific video to deliver a time sensitive message to users in a nationwide campaign. The target audience was designed around the content of the video as the product was niche. Client’s goal was to increase site visits.

Campaign Length: 30 Days

Video Length: 60 seconds

Average Cost Per Acquisition: $0.16

View Rate 21.46%

Impressions: 74,719

Site Acquisitions: 16,033

Client Report: Client reported that web traffic increased and earned a high percentage of earned views throughout the campaign. Earned views indicate that individuals are sharing your video, or watching other videos on your channel.

Industry: Entertainment

Description: Media Venue utilized a story-telling style video that displayed main features of the venue. The audience was centered around those making travel plans and searching for “things to do” locally in 3 large cities and the surrounding suburbs. Client’s goal was to increase online ticket sales.

Campaign length: 28 days

Video Length: 66 seconds

Average Cost Per View: $0.12

View Rate: 18.51%

Impressions: 64,778

Video Views: 11,988

Client Reported Results: Client reported sold out events that were attributable to the digital marketing campaign. During the same time frame both VTA and retargeting were actively running.


These 3 clients’ each utilized a unique goal and various style of video. Commonalities between the campaigns included strong branding images during the first 3 seconds, data driven target audiences, and unique landing pages. The average cost stayed below $0.20 per acquisition or view. The view rates averaging out at about 20% clearly depict that users are not always avoiding ads. Industry research found that only 10% of users will always skip these ads.

The low cost allows for better use of small budgets, compared to traditional or even cost-per-click. These ads can run for longer or shorter lengths depending on your campaign goals. The length of the video ad can vary from 15 seconds to 3 minutes, but it comes down to the content not the length to drive viewership and actions.

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Impressions – number of users who were delivered your message

Views–  number of users who viewed at least 30 seconds of the video or the whole video if it’s less than 30 Second.

View Rate– percentage of individuals who viewed the ad of those provided with an impression

Earned Views– views that happen because of social sharing