Track clear ROI rates with our latest service addition

Track clear ROI rates with our latest service addition

Geo-Fencing is the latest digital advertising campaign style Media Venue has added to our services. This highly targeted display advertising reaches users through apps or websites. The audience is compiled of mobile IP addresses captured at specified geographic locations with capability up to 3 miles. This is ideal for targeting competitors, complimentary business locations or event venues.

How it works
Our technology creates an imaginary “fence” around targeted locations at a set radius strategically chosen. Individuals who pass through the “fence” and have an active device (phone, tablet, or laptop) get their IP address picked up. Those individuals are then fed an ad via a website or app they’re using. The ads can be set to various frequency levels and campaign lengths based on the goal of the campaign.

Monitoring Capabilities
  • Client Dashboard to allow access to campaign data 24/7
  • Monitoring up to 25 locations per campaign
  • Conversion monitoring
  • Weekly, Monthly or Campaign End Reporting

Measuring ROI
While the targeted locations have an invisible “fence”, on the flip side your business locations will also have an invisible “fence”. When an IP address that has been targeted passes through your business’ fence it relays the information and classifies it as a conversion. Post campaign we can pull the results and provide the number of conversions creating a very measurable ROI.

In 2017, Media Venue has managed a number of successful campaigns utilizing this advertising vehicle. We understand how effective these capabilities are when paired with a dynamic marketing team to nurture your campaign. The price point on this service has been very affordable for all our clients and can be aimed for campaigns both large and small. To learn more details on how this service can help excel your marketing goals, contact us. We are happy to sit down and discuss how this option can be a strategic addition to your marketing strategy.