Traditional Media Engagement with Online Shoppers

Traditional Media Engagement with Online Shoppers

How do you follow up with website visitors that have viewed your businesses products and services online? Digital marketing should definitely be a critical component of your plan, but what about traditional marketing? What if there was a way to follow up and engage those online shoppers’ days after they made that virtual visit?

Retargeted Direct Mail technology allows online shoppers that have visited your website to be identified and matched back to a physical home address. Unlike traditional direct solo mail campaigns that require a list (database or purchased) and can have long lead times, retargeted direct mail streamlines the direct mail experience for marketers and consumers. Within a few days of that consumer landing on a designated web page, a personalized postcard is generated and addressed to the homeowner with a relevant message or offer enticing them to visit the storefront or return to purchase online.

As a business and advertiser, it allows you to “touch” that potential customer another time with a more personal message. If a consumer visits your website, there is intent to discover information. By taking advantage of the marketing you are already doing to drive consumers to your website, this technology will allow you to add another layer to your marketing plan.

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