Using an Advertising Agency versus going Direct

Using an Advertising Agency versus going Direct

Many businesses consider working with an advertising agency, but don’t understand all the benefits. Will an agency cost your business more money?  Will an agency really know your business?  There are many reasons why a business should hand over advertising responsibilities to an agency.

TIME! Many people responsible for advertising wear multiple hats.  Advertising gets taken care of, but not necessarily with the time and attention deserved.  Working with an advertising agency allows the person responsible for advertising to give the agency direction then focus their time and energy on other elements of the job.  The agency will take care of the heavy lifting around planning, negotiation and execution of a campaign.

EFFCIENCY! Time is money…you want your time and your employees time to be spent focusing on what each was hired to do.  Advertising agencies take your information and develop it into a strategy and plan you will be excited to share with your team.  This will help your business make more money and bring in new customers and create warm & fuzzy feelings for your current customers.

COLLABORATION! Sure you can bounce ideas off your employees.  But if they don’t have advertising expertise will the conversation be futile?  Work with an advertising agency to share your strategy, goals and objectives.  Let the agency delve into the weeds of planning and negotiation to prepare a strong branding or promotional campaign for you.

EXPERTISE! You are an expert in your professional world.  Let an agency be the expert when it comes to your business’ advertising.  It goes back to time (see above) and making sure you have the right team in place to plan and execute your strategy.  Speaking of planning, negotiation and execution, do you:

  • Have access to market trends, ratings and programming comparisons?
  • Have time to research in order to develop the correct goals, objectives and strategy around your audience, promotion, timing and budget?
  • Have time and the expertise to review proposals from all market broadcast stations (or top 10 radio stations) to ensure the strongest programming/stations are purchased for your business?
  • Ensure the spot rates given are fair based on the market averages and target audience?
  • Understand CPP trends and changes within a market by the various quarters?
  • Review all proposals with and without ‘extras’ to ensure delivery goals are met with only paid dollars?
  • Have access to the ratings books to evaluate programming over several months?
  • Have time to meet with all the sales reps (in person or on the phone) to answer questions on your business? Do you understand the packages the sales rep present to you?
  • Have time to oversee make-goods, monitor pre-logs and monitor post buys to ensure all rating points ran as purchased; if station under-delivers get under-delivery schedule
  • Have time to oversee traffic of creative

Advertising agencies understand all the above – this is what we love and do every day! Your business depends on successful advertising campaigns to bring in revenue…don’t leave it to chance!  Media Venue has been in the advertising business for a long time.  In fact, when you add up all the year’s each of us have been in media or advertising, we have over 125 years of experience! Give us a call or send us an email.  We won’t leave your advertising budget to chance.  We love what we do and want to show you our expertise.