Small Businesses & Facebook

Does your business have a Facebook page yet?  If so, how do you use it and who is in charge of creating and posting your company’s posts?  Do you post daily, weekly, monthly, never?

As the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook is a popular way for people from all backgrounds to stay connected. With over 1.2 billion active users, many businesses are utilizing Facebook as a marketing and advertising tool.

Facebook offers premium advertising space for businesses.  Using retarget marketing, businesses ads appear on a user’s newsfeed based on related searches, “likes”, posts and interests.  According to The Wall Street Journal, ad space on Facebook is becoming more competitive.  In the last year, the number of advertisers on Facebook has grown 50% to 1.5 million.  Also, the visual ad space is growing, allowing for fewer ads to be viewed on a user’s newsfeed.  This is causing an increase in advertising costs, making it more difficult for businesses with limited budgets to take advantage of this opportunity.

In order to grow social media presence, businesses are creating business-profile pages. These pages enable businesses to engage with consumers and potential clientele through daily posts and page updates, for no out-of-pocket cost. Actions made by page visitors such as “liking” or “sharing” a post assist with reaching consumers who may not be familiar with the brand, product or service. The “liked” or “shared” business-page or posts populate within the timeline of the visitor’s page and become visible to all of the visitor’s “friends”.

User engagement also benefits a company’s website ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs) due to the fact that search engines may view social media content and user activity as relevant information to search queries. This means that certain companies (based on their authority, relevancy to topic, and likely audience size) will receive higher ranking for certain queries due to their social media efforts.

Media Venue wants to help you create a social media presence to help you further grow your business through customer engagement and interaction. We offer several services and strategies that will assist your company with harnessing the power of social media. Give us a call today at 502-855-4786 to learn more.

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Mobile Trends

It goes without saying: the smartphone era is in full swing and shows no signs of slowing down. According to the Forrester report on Mobile Trends, by the end of 2014 there will be more than 2 billion smartphones worldwide. Mobile phones and smartphones are currently considered the primary mobile touch points preferred by users. Marketers are using this information to their advantage. By developing retailer-branded applications for smartphone users, businesses are bringing in even more sales.

A question is being brought up as to whether or not these retailer-branded applications are considered a threat to mobile site sales. The consensus on this is no. A report in eMarketer states that apps are considered more of a driver for mobile websites than a threat. Although more time overall is spent on apps, it is shown that more money is brought in through the use of mobile websites. For example, in a December 2013 poll, 55% of adults used smartphones, tablets, or other mobile devices to make holiday purchases directly on the retailer’s website, while only a third made purchases through a retailer-branded app.

Brand advertisers have been hesitant to invest in mobile because of the lack of maturity in the mobile ad ecosystem. eMarketer predicts that 19% of US retail ecommerce sales will stem from mobile devices.  This equates to approximately $58 billion.  Advertisers and marketers need to take advantage of the unique context and formats that the mobile platform provides. The development of more mobile-friendly ads would allow for a much broader reach in the advertising community.

Is your website mobile friendly?  Media Venue can make sure your site is easy to use on all mobile devices, allowing your customers an easy way to navigate and find the desired information.  We can also help you develop an app that will further engage users with your brand and products.  Call us today at 502-855-4786 to learn more.

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Retarget Marketing

As the digital world grows, the demand for digital and online marketing grows with it. Social media, search engine optimization, and other forms of online advertising are beginning to come forward as important aspects of the overall advertising experience. However, not all are considered a priority. Retarget marketing may be considered one of the most underused marketing technologies, with only one in five marketers dedicating a separate budget just for retargeting.

Retarget marketing can be a very beneficial and effective form of digital advertising. It allows for display ads to be placed on network websites in front of prospects who have searched related keywords relevant to a certain business or those who have visited the website. The effectiveness of these online ads can be shown in that three out of five US online buyers notice ads for products they have searched for on other sites.

Online consumers are beginning to show an open attitude towards receiving these behaviorally retargeting ads. Statistics show that 30% of online consumers have shown a positive reception to the retargeted ads. Only 11% have shown a negative reception, and 59% remain neutral. Web visitors who have had a positive experience with retargeting display ads are 70% more likely to convert to that business’ website.

Just like with any other advertising outlet, there are certain practices that must be taken in terms of privacy and casualness. However, when utilized correctly, it can boost online ad response up to 400%. Although it is vastly underused, retarget marketing can be crucial to reaching the digital market.

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Television Advertising vs. Digital Video Advertising

It seems as if there are new television shows being launched on network and cable television every month. This constant growth of programming is paralleling with the growth of television and even digital video viewership.

A more recent emphasis is being placed on digital video; however, this is not causing a decline in traditional television viewing. According to the Nielson Advertising and Audiences report of May 2014, an average of 28 hours is spent viewing television per person per week in the United States. These trends in viewing present many opportunities in which marketers and advertisers can reach their target audiences.

Although digital video viewing is growing, its advertising spending is not going to be surpassing television advertising spending any time soon. This happens as a result of the digital video viewing audience being too thinly spread, making ad buys more complex and less reliable than television advertising. Also, the majority of digital video viewing is being done through online services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video; both of which being services that do not currently support advertising.

eMarketer reports that digital video ad spending will increase this year by 41.9%, while television ad spending will increase by only 3.3%. However, television advertising will still dominate the market with an estimated $68.54 billion over digital video advertising’s $5.96 billion. It is obvious that television advertising remains the priority, with its overall reach being much greater. The audience of television cannot be competed with in terms of overall advertisement views.

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What is Digital Content?

Content has quickly become the digital buzzword of 2014.  However, what is considered content and what qualifies content as “great” content?

Content is information that attempts to convey a message, image, or idea.  It can be in the form of words, pictures, audios, videos, site or social visitor’s questions, answers to visitor’s questions, etc.  However, “great” content educates, entertains and engages users.

An image of a cute puppy or a smiling cat is considered content, but it is not “great” content unless it offers relevant information or educates consumers. For example, if you are a pet groomer or veterinarian, you want to accompany the image with a message, offer or tip. In some cases, an image by itself could be considered “great content” (think before & after images, hairstyles for dogs, portfolio of previous work, etc.). Great content should inform about your products or services, communicate the benefits of doing business with your company, add credibility to your company, or answer questions that many existing and potential customers may have regarding your business.

Many companies struggle to generate “great content”. Great content can be found anywhere.  Media Venue usually recommends that companies start by posting basic information that they assume consumers would know about their company, product(s) and or service(s).  Another great place to find engaging content is your existing clients. Make note of client’s questions and uncertainties. Odds are many other visitors will have the same questions about your product(s) and service(s).

Great content will not only drive new customers to your business, but engaging content will also help your website to rise in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In turn, rising in the SERPs will help to bring more potential customers back to your website. Search engines are looking for relevant content to search queries performed by potential customers. Therefore, if you have correctly identified your target market and their needs, search engines will recognize your company as relevant and an expert within your industry.

In conclusion, great content is not only a great marketing initiative, but is imperative for your company to stay relevant and continue to grow in the digital age. If you have any questions regarding content, please contact Media Venue at 502-855-4786 to discuss this topic, or any other digital marketing topic in detail.

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