2012 Predictions From Media Venue

As 2011 is slowly fading into the record books many people are looking back on the year that was. We however are continuing to look ahead into the future instead of reminiscing about the past. The New Year is upon us and what will it bring? Here are some of our predictions for 2012:

  1. More inflated social media IPOs and possible social media bubble: News is coming in everyday about new social media sites looking to go public. Experts are predicting the following filings; Yelp! Seeking a $2 billion IPO, Groupon anywhere between $12-13 billion and Facebook a monstrous IPO somewhere north of $100 billion. These inflated IPOs are not limited to social media however; mobile media will attempt to cash in too, Rovio (makers of Angry Birds) and Zynga (behind Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends) are both expected to file for IPOs over $1 billion. While Linkedin has already gone public and is currently trading at about $70 a share and valued $4-6 billion, it is not protected from failing and neither are other social media ventures planning to go public in 2012. Is this a social media bubble and if so when will it burst? Time will tell. However, you will not see me investing in any of these companies.
  2. Tablets will continue to grow in 2012; however no one will catch the iPad: The 4Q introduction of the Kindle Fire offered consumers a reliable tablet for a $199 price tag, allowing many people who viewed tablet PCs out of their budget to get in on the action. Though the Kindle Fires low price tag may have increased the tablet market, its has been called into question. The flaws in the Kindle Fire will keep it and other Android powered tablets looking up at the gold standard, the iPad. With the release rumored release of the iPad 3 in Spring 2012, Apple is on the verge of becoming the number 1 PC vendor in the world (with the inclusion on tablets.) It is undeniable tablets are here to stay and it does not look like anyone can compete with the iPad.
  3. 2012 will be a good year for advertisers: First more and more small businesses and developing nations will turn to digital and social media marketing in conjunction with their traditional media advertising plans. In addition 2012 offers many “quadrennial” events including the 2012 Summer Olympics, European Football Championship, and Presidential Election. Advertising will be at a premium for these events as will viewers estimated to be in the billions worldwide.

The New Year is upon us and while 2011 was a blast. We are looking ahead to make 2012 our best year yet! Now if we can just shed those holiday pounds…

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