What is Advanced TV?

What is Advanced TV?

Think about how you watch television. Do you sit down in a room within your house, turn it on with a remote and watch a full program including commercials? Chances are, you don’t. Today there are multiple types of cross-platform “advanced TV” options. What is ‘advanced TV’ you ask? This is any TV program (live or streaming) which is not viewed through a broadcast, cable or satellite connection.

Advanced TV has multiple names – Connected TV, Over The Top, Programmatic TV, TV Everywhere, Video on Demand – because it can be viewed anywhere on a multiple amount of devices.

Do you view TV programs through Apple TV, XBOX Netflix, YouTube TV, Sling, Roku, Hulu, an Amazon Fire Stick or Amazon TV? Do you view programming via the On-Demand button through your cable subscriber or from a network app on your phone or tablet? If so, you are an Advanced TV viewer.

According to IAB, there are 50 million+ U.S. households that use at least one of these cross-platform content providers. Many households have more than one, along with a cable or satellite provider. This is a step beyond the DVR, allowing people to view programs on their schedule and not dependent on remembering to record a show. And it isn’t only millennials who are using ‘advanced tv’ options. According to Scarborough, 18.6% of A54-69 and 19.9% of A35-44 are users, compared to 17.1% of A18-24!

What this allows advertisers to do is serve each user an ad designed around their likes/interests. For example, a 35-year-old male and 49-year-old woman (in another part of town) watch the same program. The 35 YO male loves to work on cars. The 49 YO female loves to travel. Advanced TV allows the male to view an ad about car parts while the female receives an ad from a travel company. This allows a brand to have a more connected approach with the viewer, with more relevancy. How does the device know the viewer’s likes and interests? Through that user’s search history.

Advanced TV is growing and changing, allowing new opportunities for advertisers to be more precise in reaching your audience. Media Venue would love to chat with you on how we can integrate this opportunity into your marketing plan. Give us a call at 502-855-4783.