3 Advertising Tips for a Successful 3rd Quarter

3 Advertising Tips for a Successful 3rd Quarter

Summer is a time to relax and enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, but don’t relax your advertising in the third quarter! Summertime provides increased opportunities to connect with customers and capitalize on out-of-home interactions. Here are a few tips to reach your consumers during this end of summer transition, we’ve got a few tips for you.


Summertime brings along a general air of positivity, which gives people the urge to get out and experience what their communities offer. Hosting events or offering specials in conjunction with events is a great way to partner with local companies and get people excited about your business. Check your local community websites and look for the potential to partner.

For example, here in Louisville/ So. In. there a variety of trolley activities that take place. By offering a special or discount in conjunction with those activities, you’ll attract more consumers to pay their first visit to your location.

Be sure to not only share your deals and specials but those of other participants as well. By sharing content that is not self-serving, it creates a presence that your company supports local business and the community overall.


Summertime brings an increase of people posting pictures from their trips and planning events with friends and family. Stay active and make sure your followers aware of what your company has lined up for the next quarter, any sales you may have going on, and other exciting news, to keep them interested. Branding can come into play as well if you post fun, summer-themed posts to associate your company with the upbeat nature of the season.


Media Venue loves social and digital marketing that easily targets specific consumers. However, it is important to maintain an overall marketing presence. Traditional marketing such as television, radio and outdoor (billboards) compliments targeted digital creates the best response. This is especially true for those businesses whose services and goods are purchased quickly.

For example, quick decision items such as choosing a lunch spot are often done without research. Staying top of mind in these categories create high rates of repeat customers.


No matter what marketing technique you decide to implement during this quarter, it’s important to stay dedicated to promoting your brand throughout the season. Need help? Let Media Venue’s team of marketing experts create a custom marketing plan based on your individual business goals.

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