3 Google Analytics Illustrate User Flow

3 Google Analytics Illustrate User Flow

Popular questions we get from clients are “Where should I spend my time/money online?” The next question then, “How do we know what works?”

At Media Venue, this is where we go to the data. Every company website should have access to Google Analytics, you likely signed up when the site was built. Many know what analytics are, but don’t understand or know what to do with that data. To decide where to start prioritizing your message we look at these 3 analytic elements.

Check out The absolute beginners guide to Google Analytics if you don’t already have it set up.

#1 Channels

Per Google Analytics, Channels are the way in which users are coming to your website. The primary channels will be search engines, social media platforms, and third-party sites. There could also be bloggers, complimentary company sites, or partnerships sites. You can see the number of sessions (or visits to your site) coming from each source for a specific period of time. The data is stored allowing for easy comparison month to month, quarterly or annually. There is a broad category of “organic search” which you can delve into deeper to reveal which search engines your web pages are faring best on.

#2 Device Category

This section of the analytics reveals which devices (desktop, mobile, or tablet) are used to view your content. This can vary industry to industry. For Media Venue, a business to business (B2B) category, about 75% of our engagement takes place on a desktop. Therefore, we prioritize content layout, image sizes, the font size for desktop while being mobile friendly. A restaurant or retailer may find the opposite and need to optimize their page layout and content including images, font, etc. for those mobile users.

#3 All Pages

The section labeled All Pages identifies the most popular pages in order, that bring individuals to the company site. This section is again pulling from a certain date, which you can filter to see the changes in visitors. It is a clear way to realize if there are specific themes customers engage with and learn from. The table depicting analytics will include details such as time spent on page and bounce rate. These elements paint a picture, letting marketers understand what content may be appealing and bring users to your site, but lack the engagement factor to keep them there.


Based on these three categories, Media Venue can gain a valuable picture of how users come to your company website. Knowing this information can facilitate building a strategy to increase organic SEO as well as shape the paid messages and landing pages. This data is invaluable but also changing. This is where checking analytics on a regular basis will boast a more successful SEO campaign.

At Media Venue, we understand the analytics and how to translate the data to shape a strong strategy. Successful SEO takes time, attention and understanding. Media Venue listens to the data as well as our clients. If you’d like to discuss how Media Venue can help you understand your analytics and utilize them to shape a strong digital marketing strategy give us a call at 502-855-4783.

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