3 Tips for an Effective Geo-Targeting Campaign

3 Tips for an Effective Geo-Targeting Campaign

Geo-target marketing continues to increase in sophistication and capabilities. Recent research has indicated that proximity even above cost and quality is the top indicator of where consumers will shop for purchases. For brick and mortar locations, this research can greatly increase the effectiveness of their ad campaigns. Based on capabilities, past performance and the latest consumer research; Media Venue has listed our top 3 guidelines for creating a successful geo-targeting campaign.

#1 Choosing a concentrated area

Geo-targeted areas can be naturally large or small. The best way to get the most bang for your buck is to find the areas with the biggest concentration of ideal consumers. This creates the best value of individual impressions. This can take research but will be well worth it for increased rates of ROI.

For example, one of our clients’ ideal target audience is adults with children under 12 with discretionary income. We canvassed the overall area a large metropolitan city for activities, venues, and events which would appeal to this same audience. We then targeted those locations which included places such as organized sports leagues, children’s theatre, and fun centers. These businesses hit both elements children and discretionary income versus say a children’s library, town parade or park where income is not a factor in attendance.

#2 Choosing an effective radius

Once you’ve established your locations, you’ll want to decide on the right radius surrounding them. Research indicates that 80 percent of consumer spending is made within 20 miles of home. In more recent research, time frames are further broken down based on what is being purchased. The more frequent the purchases, the less consumers are willing to travel. Another factor is simply how busy the target locations are and your budget. These campaigns pay per impression. If there is a heavily trafficked nearby area, we may choose to keep the radius smaller incurring less cost.

For example, for a haircut, the majority of consumers will travel up to 14 miles which roughly translates to 13-16 minutes of drive time. For a salon, Media venue would recommend staying within that distance around the clients’ store. This won’t necessarily be the same for each target, but our platform is fully capable to this customization.

#3 Location specific landing pages

Once an effective ad has been delivered and responded too, it’s all up to the landing page. If you’re a business with multiple locations, you’ll want to set your specific campaigns to navigate users to the closest location. Interactive maps and easy to read contact information are key elements for brick and mortar retailers. Conversion rates are often lower for ads with generic site landing pages. Each page does not have to be creatively unique, instead should provide as localized information as possible.

For example, a business with a location in Louisville and New Albany would want to feed those within x miles around New Albany to that landing page. This creates an easy and more personal experience for users.

Geo-targeting based campaigns are the fastest growing service at our agency and across the industry. If you’d like to learn more about how your individual business can feel the success of geo-targeting advertising contact Media Venue 502-855-4783 or weaks@mediavenue.com.


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