4 Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO


4 Easy Ways to Improve Your SEO

When it comes to SEO everyone talks about Keywords. They are the key (pardon the pun) to a strong SEO campaign. While many years ago, it was all about creating content stuffed with those desired words and phrases; now search engines have increased their sophistication. It is no longer ideal to simply pepper in extra words around the focused key terms.

That being noted, we offer 4 strategic tips to better your SEO with minimal creative effort.

#1 Keyword Placement

Placement of key terms can impact their overall value to the search engines. Once you’ve established your content and the focused keyword, maximize it to create the most impact. These are the specific places best to use that focused topic.

  • Include in Blog Title
  • Include in URL
  • Include in at least 1 heading
  • Utilize key term 2-3x per 500 words
  • Use in image alt tags

#2 Clean up Blog Titles & Descriptions

If you’ve been lacking on placement in the past, many of your blog titles and description may be hindering users from locating your best content. Review old titles, descriptions, and URLs. One key element many don’t realize is letting the URL get bogged down by folders and files. Simply go in and edit those items to a clean, timeless link. Do not use underscores, but rather dashes to break up phrases manually.

Example: http://www.mycompanysite.com/archives/blog/2015/amazing_keywords

#3 Update Older Popular Posts

Use your Google Analytics to explore which of your past blog posts are performing best. You may find that a few older pieces have a lot of traction, and high ranking. Edit the content of the post to include up to date information, such as latest statistics. You can easily add a line at the bottom stated revised with the new date. If you spend valuable hours writing content, don’t let it go to waste. Revamping a great piece can be equally or more successful than righting new mediocre content. Perhaps add images or video if appropriate.

#4 Link to Own Content

While it can sound pompous, it is alright to boast a little bit. Share the link to a related content piece in the copy, or even provide a suggested reading at the bottom. We all know, that the more time a user spends on your site the higher chance of conversion. Be sure the link is related, and do not overdo it by overwhelming users with links.  You may even be able to do this on past blogs, linking to your new piece of content. For example, if you need more SEO tips check out our blog, Raise Your Google Search Ranking for more tips to increase your content’s visibility. You should also link to other content when appropriate; especially case study or statistical sources.

Now that you’ve got these easy tips, get to updating those content pieces! When creating your content though, don’t get overwhelmed by the search engines. In the end, content should always be written for humans, not bots.

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