5 Budget Friendly Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

5 Budget Friendly Marketing Tips for the Holiday Season

Marketing budgets can often get the short end of the stick as the year comes to an end. With the highly competitive market place, marketing/ advertising is necessary at this time of year. If you’re looking to get bang for your buck (or lack thereof) check out these 5 quick recommendations.

#1 Make a video!

Use social media to your advantage with videos. Feature your hottest selling product(s), unique gift ideas, or special promotion for your services. Influencers avidly use this time of year to make recommendations, and DIYers shine with their well-crafted gift baskets and homemade items. Many companies can a similar style video about their product. Try adding gift wrapping tips, or unique use recommendations to let consumers know your products are multi-use.
Social media offers the opportunity to put money behind your videos to increase your audience. If you’ve got a budget available spend some money here. If not, don’t let that stop you. A fun and engaging video can get a large audience organically.

#2 Write a blog!

If you use blogs on a regular basis, throw in a few extras about particularly hot products. This is similar to the videos in trying to encourage how your products work well as gift ideas. If not as a gift, try the approach that your product or service can save time during the busy holiday season. Be sure your blog is keyword heavy, and then spread the word on social as well as your website. A rich keyword blog can help get attention during the increased search time of holiday shopping.
We would recommend writing more than one of course, but any that you can do will help. Again, similarly to videos putting some funds behind dispersing the information via a digital search campaign or social can be done for a low cost and get a large audience. Even organic postings will likely increase web traffic when done well.
#3 Update Social Pages & Landing Pages

One often over looked area to place an advertisement is your profile images on social media. Updating your profile images (not your logo but other associated images) and using them to display top products can increase their reach. Update website landing pages to display seasonal sellers and deals. As humans, our brain gets accustomed to certain images and colors when visiting familiar websites/pages. Change up the images and give it a bit of a face lift, this will get repeat customers attention.

#4 Send an Email!

If you have any type of customer email list, put it to good use. Emails, especially those with a strong subject line including an offer or mention of a new product get opened more than a standard newsletter style. Individuals are making more purchases and looking at wider variety of products since they are often purchasing for others. Most consumers also expect to receive deals and offers, so they are more likely to read them this time of year.
Offers’ don’t always have to be massive savings this time of year; free shipping was one of the most popular offers in 2015. According to National Retail Federation, free shipping is a must have offer for customers. The predicted trend is that customers looking for offer combinations such as free shipping + 20% off. See the full report for 2015 holiday sales trend research here.

#5 Offer a unique experience/gift

Depending on your product or service, time or a bit of money can be better spent my making your customers feel acknowledged. Hosting a holiday party and inviting top spenders or clients can do wonders for a reputation. Acknowledge and nurturing on-going relationships are part of a strong marketing strategy. If your customers are not close, try sending personal Christmas cards or thank you cards for a wonderful year. Many large corporations send out non-personal gifts to employees and top clients. If you choose to send a gift, attach a personal note. If you’re a retail establishment, try having a special shopping experience. Even, something as simple as having hot chocolate or seasonal tasting can make a lasting impression.
These are five simple tips that can be done on a minimal budget. At Media Venue, we would recommend planning ahead to be sure your marketing budget is allocated throughout the year. As part of our planning process we work with you to balance and appropriate funds for your sales fluctuations. If you are ready to take your marketing up a notch for 2017, call us now and our team will gladly host a discussion meeting to see how our strategy can work for your company and budget.

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