Benefits of Advertising on Streaming Radio

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Benefits of Advertising on Streaming Radio

Streaming radio has a strong listener base that is continually growing, and it offers significant benefits and features for advertising.  These benefits include access to local, regional, and/or national audiences, targeted ads, and much more.

There are several streaming radio services to choose from when creating your advertising campaign. Though each with their own benefits and features, Media Venue has highlighted 3 of the top platforms below. We are happy to help you make the most of your radio budget, no matter which streaming platform you decide to advertise on!


Spotify offers both an ad-supported and a subscription-based ad-free version, reaching almost 300 million active users across the world each month. Of the active users, more than half (170 million) of June’s monthly listeners used the ad-supported version!

What makes Spotify great for brands? The first is the demographic and interest-based audiences Spotify offers. For example, Spotify reaches a younger demographic; 61% of Spotify listeners are between ages 18 and 34! This is ideal for brands looking to reach this audience. Even more, Spotify offers interest-based audiences, including fitness enthusiasts, new parents, and commuters, allowing brands to reach a specific audience easily.

Spotify’s ads offer a variety of options for advertisers. Spotify reaches 92 markets and offers over 60 million songs and 1.5 million podcasts to listeners, with advertisement possibilities including audio, video, podcasts, and display. Brands can also sponsor sessions and playlists, do homepage takeovers, and more. Spotify ads also offer capabilities such as playlist, genre, and location targeting. In fact, their location targeting in the United States can go as small as a specific zip code!


Pandora, with more than 115 million unique listeners each month, #1 ranking in 87 US markets, incorporation into 200+ car models, and more than 2,000 connected home devices, also offers many features and advertising options for businesses.

Offering audio ads that come with a companion tile or banner; Pandora’s dynamic ads that can be personalized based on the genre of music, weather, or location; and sequential ads that start by building awareness and lead up to driving action. It also offers video and display ads.

In addition to the variety of ad options available, Pandora offers advertisers over 2,000 audience segments, such as genre, ethnicity, HHI, education level, marital/parental status, lifestyle, and shopping habits.

Over 90% of our listeners stream on mobile, over 10% stream via connected home devices, though that percentage is fluctuating due to the current pandemic. Pandora listeners tune-in to the platform for about 1.25 hours a day and 90% listen to the free, ad-supported version.


iHeartRadio is another powerful streaming radio service. With advertising opportunities ranging as small as the local level to as large as the national level, businesses are sure to find their desired audience among the many geographic locations and advertising opportunities available. iHeartRadio can target ads by demographic, music interest, or engagement. Since iHeartRadio has 140 million registered users (with significant year over year growth) and reaches over 1,000 radio stations and 280,000 podcasts, it is not surprising that iHeartRadio reaches 90% of the US population.

The iHeartRadio audience listens approximately 2.5 hours each day, primarily on mobile devices. The audience age demographics are also distributed evenly. The smallest demographics are those between ages 13 and 24 and those who are 65+ (both of which take up 10% of the audience each). The largest demographic is ages 55-64, taking up 23% of listeners.

What makes iHeartRadio unique from an advertising perspective? Not only do they have a large reach and great demographic targeting options, but they also reach more of the US population than Pandora and Spotify. In fact, unlike Pandora and Spotify, iHeartRadio does not offer an ad-free subscription. This means you don’t have to worry about missing your target audience due to paid subscription!

Get Started with Streaming Radio with Media Venue

Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio each have great features and options available to help businesses reach their target audience and achieve business goals. However, these three platforms are just a few of the many streaming radio platforms available. Whether you choose to advertise on one (or more!) streaming platform, Media Venue can help. Our traditional marketing team is well-versed in the capabilities of radio and can work with you to create a great streaming radio campaign.

Ready to learn more? Visit the Media Venue website or email Jaclyn at to learn more about Media Venue’s radio marketing capabilities.

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