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We at Media Venue know digital marketing. When it comes to the digital world, we know where your customers are and how to reach them at the perfect time to benefit your business.

Paid Search (SEM) – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows advertisers to bid for ad placement on Search Engine Result Pages when someone searches a keyword that is related to their business offering. Media Venue can place paid search ads on a network of top search engines and over 100
directories and specialty sites, reaching 98% of the places that consumers search. We will create, place, and monitor your SEM campaigns, and provide analytics for your review at the end of each cycle.

Retargeting – Site & Search Retargeting campaigns are designed to increase brand awareness and target potential consumers who have previously visited sites or performed search queries related to your product or service. They seek to re-engage consumers who have previously demonstrated interest in your brand.

Targeted Video – TVA is an online advertising format in which advertisers have options on how, when, and where their video ads are displayed. The TVA network spans over 3 million websites, including YouTube.

Geo-Fence – Standard Geo-Fence advertising displays advertisements, through apps or websites, to mobile IP addresses that are captured when entering a geographic location. Geo-Fence advertising is capable of monitoring IP addresses within this location as well as a radius of up to 3 miles around the selected location.

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Display Advertising – Display advertising is the use of images and video to promote a product or service on a network of publisher websites. Display ads may display within the architecture of a website or create a new browser screen that must be visited. Media Venue creates beautiful display ads and publishes them across the web in strategic places to reach your audience.

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