Digital Marketing: Voice Search

Digital Marketing: Voice Search

The only constant in digital marketing is that technology is constantly changing and evolving.  Ten years ago, if a business had a website, it was good to go.  Today, in 2019, businesses HAVE to have a website, social pages, blog and strong SEO. . . and they still probably aren’t doing enough. 

One of the biggest topics in today’s digital world is voice search.  Do you have a virtual assistant in your home or office that you utilize to find information?  Do you ever ask your smartphone’s ‘assistant’ for businesses, products or services “near me”?  That is voice search and by 2020 more than 50% of all queries will be entered this way (Comscore).   Voice search allows consumers to search by a much longer entry than typing the inquiry into the search engine.  Voice search allows more granular targeting with specifics such as location, reviews, pricing, specials and promotions. 

As of now, there is no way to utilize paid advertising to combat the issue of not displaying when consumers search for relevant keywords associated with your products and or services. How can a business optimize its results with consumers using voice search?  It is imperative to claim your Google My Business Listing. GMB Listings should include plenty of content including images, videos, description of products and services, Google posts, etc.  Businesses should also encourage consumers to review them on Google and other top search engines and review sites, as well as social platforms.

GMB Listings should be completed with precision and exact character as other online NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) listings. Optimizing a GMB listing is a science and should be given a great deal of time and attention. Many businesses claim their listing but few do it correctly or to a point that will enhance their listing.

There are other factors involved with populating when a voice search is conducted. Proximity to the user is a huge factor. However, there are ways to overcome only displaying in close proximity to your location. Category and Keyword Match are a couple of other factors that assist with displaying when a voice search is conducted.

Many companies have recruited the assistance of SEO providers but are unaware of the services that are being provided. If the only service you are receiving is a monthly or quarterly report, your ranking in search engine results pages will not rise. SEO performance requires activity and original content. If you are currently receiving SEO from a provider, have them produce a list of actions that are being taken to improve your company’s ranking.

In conclusion, Search Engine Optimization is more important now than it ever has been. Media Venue is aware that many corporations fall short on SEO and need assistance in populating in search results, both voice and typed queries. If you have questions or would like to understand Media Venue’s Search Engine Optimization services, please contact us at (502) 855-4783 to schedule a meeting.


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