Junk mail or Good advertisement?

Junk mail or Good advertisement?

Is it really junk mail?

Advertising mail or “junk mail” as it is known in many households is the delivery of advertising material to recipients of postal mail.  This includes advertising circulars, coupon envelopes, catalogs, credit card applications and other commercial merchandising materials delivered to a home or business.

Many advertisers believe that this form of advertising is losing ground in the digital age.  But to the contrary, advertisers spent more than 46 billion dollars in 2014 in direct mail marketing.  That is an increase in spend of 1.2 billion from 2013. (Statista 2016)

So what makes this media a good investment?

  Targeting – Advertisers have the ability to target consumers who are most likely to use their product or service.  Targeting to a specific household through the advertisers database or narrowing the distribution to a zip code or neighborhood increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the advertising message.

Cost-effectdirect-mail-vs-emailiveness – Direct mail can be very cost-effective.  When you layer in database targeting with a strong creative message, the results can be quite profitable.

Testing – Direct mail can allow you to test to determine what location (zip code, neighborhood, etc), creative message or offer is going to drive the largest return.  A simple A/B test with a new vs. a control can provide valuable intelligence as you develop and grow your campaign.

Experts predict trends in 2016 including personalization, multi-layered marketing, enhanced databases of consumer information and multiple response devices. Adding direct mail with a focused demographic can elevate your advertising strategy to capitalize on all of these trends. When creating direct mail advertisements consider that most likely it will be followed up with an online search or click; be sure to include a simple URL or keyword in your print content.

Bottom line is direct mail advertising is not “junk mail”.  It is a form of advertising, that when done correctly, can yield profitable results.

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