Making the most of your new website – Part 3

Confused about the website development process? Media Venue breaks down the process into 6 easy steps. Check out the Media Venue blog to learn more.

Making the most of your new website – Part 3

The Development Process demonstrates our standard process for the new website build, while allowing time for creative direction.


  1. Client Provides the following:
    1. Deposit
    2. Images & Video
    3. Content & Copy for Sitemap
    4. SEO keywords (if specified)
    5. New or Existing hosting information
    6. URL Domain Credentials
  2. Media Venue will provide an estimated completion date
  3. Framework build & Styling (~2 week)
  4. Content build, formatting & development (~2-3 weeks)
  5. Revisions (~1 week)
  6. Website go-live w/Customer Approval


Why do we share this information with you?  Our strategy in sharing this information with you is so you can be educated on what to look for in a web development company.  If questions are not answered well or information is not shared, be willing to walk away from a potential partner.


Again, many individuals and companies offer website design.  Of course, we would like for you to talk to us about being your website – and all-encompassing media – partner.  However, we recognize circumstances exist and sometimes cannot be avoided.  You are the client and ultimately the decision is yours.  Call us today and find out more about our process.  We can be reached by phone (502-855-4783), email ( or website contact form (



Where do I start?

Talk to mentors and close friends who own businesses.  Find out how they went about building their website and who they used.  Get quotes from different companies, including Media Venue, using the steps we’ve provided.  When deciding who to use, it is important to ask yourself who answered the questions best and also who you are most comfortable working with on this project.


Is it okay if we need to stop in the process to make changes?

As we’ve stated, websites are a big project and the digital face of your company.  If you don’t like how the process is moving forward, it is okay for you to stop and re-evaluate the content and direction.

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