Marketing 101: Native Advertising

Marketing 101: Native Advertising

Native Advertising:

  a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.

Native advertising allows marketers to speak naturally to their consumer. Though each ad is denoted with a signifier, such as the word sponsored, Promoted, Ad, Feature partner etc. they fit seamlessly into the consumer driven online experience. Not only is the ad styled to fit the common layout of the site, the written copy flows in a natural tone. The sales pitches that you could see from a mile away are long gone, now ads sound more like recommendations from a friend or colleague.

The IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) has established that there are 6 categories that make up this style of advertising. One big component of these ads is that their message is less sale driven and more informative. Most when clicked lead to a link that will discuss a subject or product further. To get the best results, the ads should have a call to action that can easily be completed by consumers in as few clicks as possible.

6 Types of Native Advertisingnative ad examples

In-Feed Units

Paid Search Units

Recommendations Widgets

Promoted Listings

In-Ad with Native Element Units


Why Native Advertising works!

Most of the top sites, and social networks operate with in a newsfeed style layout. A research study by Nielson, commissioned by Sharethrough, a software company compared native advertising and banner advertising by looking at the neural processes. The results revealed that Native ads perform 2x better than Banner Ads. More focus is placed on text in a natural newsfeed or search results page than on the thumbnail, thus more of your copy is being read with a native advertisement.  Then taking from that the importance of copy, brands and companies can use word associations to promote products or branding at almost a subconscious level.

This form of advertising takes a softer approach, than previous generations but in no way limits the results. After years of being sold product after product sometimes with more regret than anything consumers are weary. They want to make their own decisions and navigate their own buying process. Native advertising keeps the power in the consumer’s hands but gently plants the seed of buying your product in their minds.

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