Measuring Social Media Performance

Measuring Social Media Performance

Social Media Marketing is the research, development and posting of resourceful, relevant content to promote a business’s products and/or services on social media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and etc. Although there are many important outlets, this blog will focus on Facebook, particularly Facebook analytics, also known as Facebook Insights.

Many companies post on Facebook – some post very valuable content – but most do not understand how their efforts are benefiting the profile page, branding or their bottom line. However, businesses can manage and optimize their efforts through historic data within Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights allows users to easily measure the performance of the business profile page. Businesses can track “likes”, page views, reach, demographic of users and more.

What does this tracking mean to you? Not much if you don’t have clear goals and objectives for your Social Marketing. As with any marketing initiative, “goals” should be researched and developed to monitor success. When setting goals, be sure that the goals are specific, attainable and measurable. For example, a goal of increasing the number of followers to a particular amount would be specific. Increasing the number of users by a fraction of existing users would be attainable and through Facebook Insights, you can monitor and measure the number of users within a certain time period.

The success of your Social Media Marketing will greatly depend on the research, development and posting of resourceful, relevant content. If goals are not being achieved, past “content” should be closely examined and revised to enhance user engagement. Consumer engagement is greatly increased when businesses post resourceful content along with images or video.

Social Media postings should also be consistently posted and include relevant keywords, with no more “gaps” of time between posts. However, be cognizant of posting too often, to avoid becoming an annoyance to users and negatively impact the initiative. Media Venue recommends posting four (4) resourceful posts per week and as well as sharing a post or article that is relevant to company products and/or services.

Successful Social Media Management requires a lot of time and resources. Many companies don’t have a specific person or role to handle the social media and this usually ends in low quality posts with huge gaps of time between posts. If you would like to discuss Social Media Management, contact David Clark (; 502-855-4786) at Media Venue today and experience the power of successful Social Media Management.

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