Meet Marketing Goals with Social Media

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Meet Marketing Goals with Social Media

Promoting your business on social media isn’t simple. Each social media platform has its own unique demographics, algorithms, and features. Trying to wrap your head around how to make your business successful on each platform (much less stay up to date on algorithm changes) can be a headache. Media Venue understands how overwhelming social media marketing can be when you are also trying to run other aspects of your business, which is why we have a dedicated team of writers who can create posts for you. After all, building your business’s social media presence is not just necessary, but extremely effective in helping your business meet its marketing goals.

Social Media Improves SEO

Did you know that social media can help improve your business’s SEO?

Social media posts can speed up the content indexing process on search engines and build brand awareness. With increased brand awareness, people are more likely to click on your links. A higher click-through rate, in turn, improves your business’s SEO ranking as search engines will see these links as having more quality.

Social media posts also educate people about your services and can possibly lead to backlinks, another positive SEO factor. Backlinks are links from other sites that direct to your website. Google will analyze the number of backlinks, what websites they are coming from, and page importance. As your website gains more backlinks from high-quality websites, it will achieve better rankings in search engines (also known as better SEO). This is just one of many reasons why it is not only important to have a social media plan, but to include social media in your SEO strategy.

Social Media Increases Brand Awareness

As previously said, social media increases brand awareness. As social media users see your content more often, they are also more likely to trust and be familiar with your business and business name. Even if they do not need your product or service at this moment, increasing your business’s brand awareness can help your business come to the forefront of consumers’ minds when they do need that product or service. Therefore, creating an active social media presence is essential in building brand awareness and fulfilling your marketing goals.

Social Media Marketers Stay Up to Date on Algorithm Changes

How do social media platforms choose what to show you? It is all based on algorithms, which the platforms are constantly tweaking and changing. Trying to keep up with algorithm changes, create social media posts, and learn about the best social media practices can be frustrating for business owners—especially when you have other aspects of your business to run. That’s why a social media marketing service is essential to your business. After all, social media marketers keep up with these algorithm changes and write social media posts so you do not have to!

Media Venue’s social media team is well-versed in both social media platforms and content writing. With the ability to not only write social media posts, but write posts that boost your business’ SEO and online engagement, you are sure to see the difference a social media service can make for your business!

Customers Utilize Social Media to Find and Research Products

Social media expands past the boundaries of just connecting with friends and family by letting consumers also find, connect with, and research new products and brands. In fact, about a third of people have used social media to find new items to purchase and more than 50% of users have used social media to research products. Consumers’ buying decisions are also heavily influenced by social media, with almost 75% of shoppers basing their purchase decisions off social media.

These statistics all point to one thing: it is imperative that your business has a social media plan in place to market your products and services. The data shows that consumers are actively turning to social media to find new items to purchase and perform research, which means that you should not slack on your business’s social media presence.

A Social Media Marketing Plan Boosts Sales

We have previously discussed how social media helps consumers find and research products, but how does this all factor into sales? It’s simple: businesses with a social media presence have seen an increase in sales, an average of 32% more than businesses that do not have a social media presence. This proves that a social media marketing plan goes beyond brand awareness and product research—it can result in increased sales for your business!

How to Meet Your Goals with Social Media Marketing

Achieving your business’s social media marketing goals does not have to be complicated when you have a trusted company like Media Venue by your side. We are familiar with many types of digital marketing and have a dedicated team of writers that can create social media calendars for your business based around your goals, whether that is spreading the word about a sale, increasing brand awareness, boosting SEO, and more. Media Venue stays up to date on social media algorithm changes, new platform policies, best practices, and more so you get back to what you do best…running your business!

To get started with a social media management plan from Media Venue, visit our website for more details or contact Michelle Dunaway at to get started with achieving your business’s social media goals today!


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