Set Goals for Success in 2019

Set Goals for Success in 2019

Each year we often make resolutions for ourselves, but as business owners we often let our company’s goals set on auto pilot. This can be especially true for businesses that are a few years old and you’re juggling a lot of hats. Goal setting is one way to help keep your initial strategy on track.

Researchers at Harvard University stated, “Studies have documented that individuals with clear written goals are significantly more likely to succeed than those without clearly defined goals.” For goal setting we use deductive reasoning, or top-down logic. This helps us to see the big picture and the road map that will get us there.

In 2019, we suggest taking these steps to make your big business ideas into manageable goals.

#1 Think about the initial vision for your business. (Write it down!)

#2 Then reflect on how far you’ve come (this is a big confidence boost).

#3 Define your smaller more manageable goals that will get you to meet your long-term goals.

#4 Plan timelines and specific tasks that will be a part of day-to-day work.

Let’s look at an example. Your large goal is to increase annual profits by 25% in two years. Break it down by chunks (monthly, quarterly, weekly), depending on your business and how often these figures can be pulled. With the smaller goal of increasing sales 3% every month, then you can make a list of tasks that will assist you in achieving the larger goal.

From that measurable goal, we can get the day to day actions. One action item may be to reach out to three new leads per week, so make sure to schedule time to do that on your calendar. Another action item may be to update the company website, which will enhance the online presence creating more leads.

As a business owner tell your employees the company goals and how, by breaking them down into smaller pieces, everyone can be a part of the achievement. Encourage employees to set their own goals, incentives for those who reach those stated goals that will in turn propel the company farther along. Celebrate the small goals throughout the year, with a larger celebration once all annual goals are fulfilled.


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