The Importance of Including Retargeting in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

The Importance of Including Retargeting in Your Digital Marketing Strategy | Site visits do not always equal conversions, which is why it's important to include retargeting in your marketing strategy to bring these visitors back to your site. Visit Media Venue's blog to learn more information on the importance of retargeting.

The Importance of Including Retargeting in Your Digital Marketing Campaign

You run a great business that offers a great product or service. Even better, you receive tons of traffic on your website, which means that your brand is getting noticed. This sounds like a great scenario that should lead to success for your business, but there’s one huge problem: site visits don’t always equal conversions.

There are a variety of reasons why site visits do not always equal conversions. For example, site visitors may only be in the research phase of purchasing a product or they may not be ready to make that final step towards making a purchase. In fact, first-time site visitors only convert 2% of the time (AdRoll), which means that if you are not actively taking steps to make sure that your customers remember you and come back to your site, then you are missing out on a ton of business.

To get consumers to come back to your website, it is crucial that you take a step that is often forgotten by businesses: to include retargeting in your digital marketing campaign.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting campaigns are designed to increase brand awareness and conversions by reaching consumers who have previously shown a direct interest in purchasing your product. Direct interest is the key phrase, as it means that the consumer has had a prior engagement with either your website or with keywords related to your business (via a search engine or a local directory), which means they are more likely to make a purchase.

For example, a lawn mower shop will have two retargeting audiences. The first audience has visited their site in the recent past, whereas the second audience has searched a keyword related to their business on a search engine or directory (such as “lawn mower shop near me” or “lawn mower repair service”); both audiences have shown a direct interest in lawn mowers and lawn mower repair services and are great targets for a retargeting campaign. However, since the second audience is the one actively searching information related to your business or service, they are the ones more likely to convert. Therefore, it’s important to implement a retargeting campaign that will bring them to your site for their purchase.

But we shouldn’t count the first audience out of a retargeting campaign either. Like we said before, first-time visitors only convert 2% of the time. So instead of having these consumers leave your site and forget to come back, a retargeting campaign will put an ad in front of them that not only actively reminds them about your business, but it also increases brand awareness. With a retargeting campaign, the likelihood that consumers will return to your site and make a purchase is increases by almost 70% (Software Advice). This means that retargeting is not only a crucial step in getting your brand noticed online, but getting sales.

The Importance of Retargeting in Your Business’ Digital Marketing Campaign

Choosing retargeting as part of your business’ digital marketing campaign is essential in driving those first-time visitors back to your site. In fact, did you know that retargeting brings back 1 in 4 consumers to complete a purchase? Retargeting ads also have a click-through rate (CTR) of 0.7%, which is 10x higher than a regular display ad (Wishpond). Retargeting also increases brand awareness by keeping your business’ name in front of consumers, continually reminding them of their visit to your site. Additionally, retargeting brings the secondary audience (those who searched keywords related to your business) to your site, which not only brings more site visitors, but increases the likelihood of a conversion.

How Much does Retargeting Cost?

The cost of retargeting varies based on several factors, such as how much of your audience you want to reach and what form of retargeting you want to utilize (or if you want to utilize multiple forms), such as an ad, video, or postcard. Media Venue offers all these retargeting options and can provide you a quote based upon your business goals, target audience, and product buying cycle.

Retargeting FAQs

Are Retargeting and Remarketing the Same?

Both revolve around the same concept, but they each work in different ways. Retargeting is focused on showing an ad to a consumer who has visited the website or searched a related keyword in the past, whereas remarketing is focused on sending an email.

For example, you’ve most likely been online shopping before and placed items in your cart, only to leave it and not check out. A few days later, you probably received a reminder email about those items in your cart and may have even been given a coupon code to finish your purchase. This is just one example of remarketing.

Can I Retarget on Social Media as well?

Yes. Media Venue places your retargeted ad on an extensive network of thousands of websites, which includes social media. No matter which site or platform consumers visit, there is the possibility that your retargeted ad will be shown to them, including on social media.

Is Retargeting just for Big Businesses?

No. Retargeting is great for businesses of all sizes, as it not only brings consumers back to your website, but it also increases brand awareness.

Is Retargeting more Effective than a Regular Display Ad or a Marketing Email?

Yes, retargeting is much more effective than a regular display ad or marketing email. Besides the fact that retargeting leads to a higher click-through rate and brings 25% of customers back to a business’s website (Wishpond), more than 90% of marketers found that retargeting worked better than or equal to a display ad, a marketing email, or a search ad (IAB).

How Media Venue can help Implement your Retargeting Campaign

With Media Venue’s 100 years of combined experience, we’re sure to make your retargeting campaign a successful one. After discussing the goals of your retargeting campaign with you, we will create a variety of ads with your targeted message that will be placed throughout our extensive network of thousands of websites. These ads will follow your retargeted consumers up to 10 times for up to 60 days, greatly increasing brand awareness and the likelihood that they will return to your site. But not only will Media Venue create these retargeted ads, we will provide you a 24/7 dashboard so you can track the results too.


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