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When it comes to Traditional marketing, we’re giants in the field. We cover all venues of traditional marketing while offering detailed advertising & media strategy as well as in depth media planning and buying.

Television (Broadcast and Cable) – Engaging consumers through sight, sound and motion creating an emotional connection with the brand.  Programming can be targeted to time of day, day of week and specific programs.

Streaming Television When consumers view a program through an enabled device or app (Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick, SmartTV, Sling, Hulu, etc.).  More than 78% of US households have at least one streaming device along with their cable or satellite provider.  Streaming can be targeted based on location (DMA, County, Zip Code), audience demo and content/interests.  Ads are non-skippable.

Cinema – reaches an engaged, captive audience before movies begin.  Standard :15 or :30 TV spots play; cost efficient vehicle allowing clients to reach a wide-variety of audiences DMA wide or down to a specific neighborhood.

Radio – Reaching consumers with an audio message listening in the car, at work, at home, on their computer or smart phone.  Radio is ideal for branding or sales messages.  The various formats allow for a business to reach its desired audience(s).  Radio can include local stations, Public Radio, Internet radio (Sirus XM, Pandora, Spotify), Traffic radio and national programs.

Out of Home – Reaching consumers with a 24/7 presence in high impact areas with branding messages.  Locations can be targeted near the place of business or focused along high-traffic areas for maximum impressions.  This includes static and digital bulletins, posters, wallscapes, bus, bus shelters, benches, airport signage and mobile billboards.

Outdoor – Outdoor affords businesses a cost-efficient way to reach on-the-go consumers with 24/7 coverage on primary interstates and secondary “neighborhood” roads. It is a non-invasive, but impactful vehicle that complements other media elements and offers the opportunity to target specific neighborhoods with a unique message. With a multitude of sizes, including digital, out of home allows businesses an on-going presence in their community at a low cost-per-thousand.

Direct Mail – Form of marketing that involves sending a physical piece of promotional material through the USPS or other courier service to a home or business.  Media Venue offers standard direct mail, customer mailings and variable message mail solutions.

Retargeted Post Card – is a direct mail piece that goes to someone who has visited your website or even a specific page within your website.  Within 48-hours of that visit, a direct mail post card is mailed to that person – addressed by name – to serve as another point of contact with your brand.

Newspaper – is a way to reach local or national consumers with an on-going presence in the daily news.  With its variety of ad sizes and sections, it allows advertisers more space to include details, coupons and special offers.  There are a variety of types including local, national and business newspapers.

Magazine – much like newspaper, magazines allows advertisers a variety of ad sizes but in a glossy format. Magazines are typically monthly, with deadlines farther out than many vehicles.  There are a variety of magazines allowing clients to select from local, regional and national books and a variety of lifestyle topics, general interest and trade.

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